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Mash Burnedead and the Big Brother is the ninth chapter of the Mashle series and the ninth chapter of the Easton Enrollment Arc.


A diegesis on facial marking and how they correlate to magical capabilities are explained and the fight between Mash and Lance continues. As Mash charges toward Lance, the young magician casts Graviole again on him, but he rebounds from it and nearly hits Lance. The hit manages to knock off a locket pendant that Lance was wearing and inside of it, was a picture of a little girl. Initially, Mash believed Lance to be a pedophile and was determined to report him to the police, Lance corrects him that the girl is his younger sister.

Returning the locket pendant to Lance, the young magician then asks Mash what the most precious thing in the world is. However, all of Mash's answers are shot down, until Lance finally answers that it's his little sister. Sequentially, Mash's blunt remark makes Lance hold the bottle containing his friends over a cliff who claims he'll drop it. Furthermore, he'll accelerate the speed of the bottle falling with his magic making it near impossible for him to retrieve.

As this goes on, a flashback shows Lance being reprimanded by his little sister for getting into another fight. She, however, knows that it was because he was trying to protect a young boy from a group of bullies, which is why she loves Lance. Eventually, Anna, Lance's little sister contracts a disease that will make her lose her magical capabilities. Because of this, their parents would be forced to give up Anna to the government where she'd be executed. Although his parents are fine with this as it's for his future, Lance hopes to cure his sister of her condition.

Back to the present, Lance drops the bottle and uses Graviole on it. Wasting no time, Mash takes off his shoes and getting into position, runs down the cliff, catches the bottle, and returns to the surface at a lightning-fast speed. This flabbergasts, Lance who is left astounded by what he believes is Mash's magical enhancement magic. Mash then claims that the bottle Lance dropped was a fake one and then snatches the real one from Lance's possession. This perturbs Lance as Mash gave up the chance to gain his two Silver Coins. Mash discloses to Lance that he's not the type rational decisions and that he's just clumsy. Hearing this reminds him of his little sister.

Lance concedes defeat and in return, gives him a single silver coin for winning. Before, Mash releases his friends, he asks Lance if they fought seriously, who would win? Lance, however, gives no answer.

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