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Divine Visionary is a title given to an exceptional student from Easton Magic Academy, revered as one of God's chosen once every year. They are at the core of the Bureau of Magic and are thus considered as the some of the most influential people of the country


The Divine Visionaries' main goal is to keep the peace in the country. As such, only the best of the best are able to become a Divine Visionary.

Divine Visionaries

Current Divine Visionaries

Agito Tyrone Portrait.png
The Dragon Cane

Kaldo Gehenna Portrait.png
The Flame Cane

Orter Madl Portrait.png
The Desert Cane

Rayne Ames Portrait.png
The Sword Cane

Renatus Revol Portrait.png
The Immortal Cane

Ryoh Grantz Portrait.png
The Light Cane

Sophina Biblia Portrait.png
The Knowledge Cane

Tsurara Halestone Portrait.png
The Ice Cane

Past Divine Visionaries