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The Divine Visionary Selection Exam is a yearly event that is held by Easton Magic Academy, that is used to find the student that will become the newest member of the Divine Visionaries. It is the focus of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.

Participating Students





Any student that attends Easton Magic Academy may enter the Divine Visionary Selection Exam, as long as they have managed to earn and keep five or more Gold Coins.

During Mash's first year at Easton, the Exam is held earlier and only three Gold Coins are needed to enter, due to Innocent Zero's prison break.

Round One: Deadervant's Haunt

The Key

The first round of the Exam is a survival match. All participating students are transported to a forest, their one goal being to find a hidden key and escape. However, this key is in the swim bladder of 'the mighty Troll-Goosefish'. Throughout the enter round, the students must be careful, as there are three Deadervants that walk around the forest. These creatures are untouchable by magic, and will eliminate any student that they are able to touch. Each student must find a key and use it to escape, however, there are only nine keys, so three students will not make it to Round Two.

Round Two: The Life Crystal

Life Crystal

The second round of the Exam is a team battle. All participating students are transported to an underground castle. They are transported randomly, and do not start with any of their team members. There are three members on each team, meaning that there are three teams. Each member is given a crystal which they must protect. However, they will also need to attack the other team's crystals, as the team that loses all of their crystals first will be eliminated, meaning only six students can make it through to Round Three.





Round Three

The third and final round of the Exam is made up of single battles. Each student must participate in a one-on-one battle with the goal of knocking out or making their opponent yield.

Remaining Students