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The Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc is the fifth story arc in the Mashle series.


Story Impact

  • Introduces the Easton Magic Academy 'Prefect' system, each dorm is given a representitve student, seemingly appointed to one of the strongest members of each dorm. The current prefects are Rayne Ames (Adler), Abel Walker (Lang) and Margarette Macaron (Orca).
  • Rayne Ames is revealed to have three magic marks, being the youngest person to ever acquire three lines.
  • It is revealed that triple-liner magic users can unleash a wand's 'true form', giving the user the power of a god.
    • Rayne is able to summon Ares, God of War.
  • Leblanc Russell, Max Land and Dolb Marx are all eliminated in Round One of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam.
  • Finn Ames uses his magic for the first time in the series.
  • The Master Cane wands are introduced.
  • Carpaccio Luo-Yang, Aorio Morris and Moore Tomato are all eliminated in Round Two of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam.
  • Innocent Zero are shown to be on the move, seemingly coming for Mash.
  • In Round Three, Mash defeats Margarette. Shortly after this, Innocent Zero breaks into the Colosseum.
  • Mash's biological father is revealed to be Innocent Zero.
  • Wahlberg and Father are both revealed to have three magic marks.
    • Wahlberg is able to summon Uranus, God of Sky.
    • Innocent Zero is able to summon Chronos, God of Time.
  • Innocent Zero's 'Criminal Canes' are introduced. They are a group of six death row inmates that they freed from Hecatrice.
  • Adam Jobs is said to have created the current magic society and was the teacher of Wahlberg and Innocent Zero.
  • It is revealed that Innocent Zero wants to use the forbidden magic of body construction. This will create an immortal heart, using the heart of six blood relatives.
  • Cell War says that he is a clone that was created when Innocent Zero gave his blood to a corpse.
  • Cell is revealed to have three magic marks.
    • He is able to summon Hephaestus, God of Iron.
  • Wahlberg's full name is revealed to be Wahlberg Baigan.
  • A Thirds spell is used for the first time.

Characters Introduced

Battles & Events


  • The Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc is currently the longest story arc in the series, topping the Magia Lupus Arc’s previous record of twenty-four chapters.



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