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Domina Blowelive is a Divine Visionary candidate from Walkis Magic Academy.


Domina is a young male with pink hair that goes down to his shoulders. His magic lines take the form of two arrows curving. During his first debut, he wore the standard uniform for the magical academy he'd attended.

When enraged, his eyes become dark with light-colored pupils and his hair stands up.


Domina comes off as calm and nearly emotionless, but underneath this façade hides extreme anger and hatred.

Domina's most notable traits is his love for his father; willingly commit great atrocities and numerous crimes simply for the adulation and acknowledgement from his father. He also greatly loathes weaklings and admire magic; growing furious learning Mash is held greatly on the same level as him by their father and due to his younger siblings' lack of magical prowess.



Tri-Magic-Athalon Divine Visonary Final Exam Arc


Domina's wand

Wand: Domina wields a golden-colored ornate wand.

Magic and Abilities

Domina casting Waters Pond.

Waters (ウオータース, Uōtāsu): Domina's personal magic. It allows him to summon and manipulate large quantities of water. Domina can quickly dispatch his targets with high-pressured beams of water.

  • Waters Pond (ウオータース・ポンド, Uōtāsu Pondo): Domina fires a massive beam of water towards his target.
Wave (ウエイブ, Ueibu): A follow-up to Waters Pond. Domina creates waves within his Waters Pond spell.
  • Waters Shield (ウオータース・シールド, Uōtāsu Shīrudo): A defensive spell. Domina creates a wall of water that can cut even stone.
  • Waters Prison (ウオータース・プリスン, Uōtāsu Purizun): Domina creates a sphere of water around his target. The water in the sphere flows opposite to his target's direction of movement, making it impossible to swim out of that sphere.
  • Waters Mad Lance (): Domina creates and shoots several lances made of high-pressured water.

Domina casting his Secondth, Thousand Archerfish.

  • Waters Secondth: Thousand Archerfish (ウオータース・セコンズ 「サウザンド・アーチャーフィッシュ」, Uōtāsu Sekonzu 「Sauzando Āchāfisshu」): The Secondth of Domina's Waters. The spell creates multiple fish-shaped, high-powered jets of water. The Secondth becomes undodgeable, when combined with Domina's Waters Prison spell.

Immense Magic Power: As a Triple-liner, Domina has incredible magic power. Strangely, his third line is not visible even if he unleashes his wand's true form. According to Innocent Zero, Domina possesses the greatest amount of magic power among his siblings, he, however, is not the strongest. When angered, Domina releases his true power and will only stop after he has slaughtered everyone around him.

Enhanced Reflexes: Domina possesses incredible reflexes, as he was able to catch an extremely fast skipping stone moving towards him thrown by Mash.


Domina summoning Poseidon.

Poseidon (水の神 (ポセイドン) , Poseidon; Kanji meaning "God of Water"): As a triple-liner Domina possesses the ability to call upon a god's strength from within his wand. He calls forth the god of water. His wand transforms into a sword-trident hybrid with a water blade. By summoning Poseidon, Domina's magic becomes much more powerful. According to his father Innocent Zero, Domina wields Poseidon as if it were a true natural disaster.

  • Trident Rain (トライデントレイン, Toraidentorein): Domina unleashes multiple water-based piercing attacks with Poseidon.

Domina's Thirds, Poseidon's Angus Inclination.

  • Waters Thirds: Poseidon's Angus Inclination (ウオータース・サーズ 「ポセイドン・アンガス・インクラネイション」, Uōtāsu Sāzu 「Poseidon Angasu Inkuraneishon」): The Thirds of Domina's Waters.
Angus's Roar (アンガスロアー, Angasuroā): A technique of Poseidon's Angus Inclination.
Poseidon Extreme Fury (ポセイドン・エクストリーム・ヒューり, Poseidon Ekusutorīmu Hyūri): Domina's specialised offensive form. In exchange for defense, he gains speed and attacks his target with a water-laser barrage.




  • His name is a play on the word "Domination"