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The Easton Enrollment Arc is the first story arc in the Mashle series.

Short Summary

Mash Burnedead is given a fake mark by Brad Coleman, after a brief confrontation, and is told to enroll at Easton Magic Academy and become a Divine Visionary. He accepts this offer and joins the Entrance Exam. Once there, he angers one of the teachers, Claude Lucci, but he manages to pass the exam nonetheless. He then proceeds to the final part of the Exam, the Final Interviews, which are conducted by Headmaster Wahlberg. After hearing what he has to say, Wahlberg passes Mash, making him a student at Easton. 

Mash seems to settle quite well at Easton, although he does get into a few fights. However, he fights to help those around him. He also manages to make a few friends, including Finn Ames, Lemon Irvine and Lance Crown.

Long Summary

The Beginning of the Journey

After training in the woods, Mash returns home and finds an advert for Goblin Cream Puffs, a cream puff store in the city. However, his father, Regro Burnedead, says that he cannot go as he does not have a magic mark, and will therefore be taken away by the Bureau of Magic , if he is found out. Despite his father's advice, Mash still goes into the city, as he loves cream puffs too much.

When he arrives in the city, he makes his way to Goblin Cream Puffs and purchases some. After his purchase, a strong gust of wind blows his hood down, revealing his entire face and the lack of a magic mark. After this, he accidentally bumps into Terry, a member of the Magic Police Force, crushing a cream puff into him. As a result of the Goblin Cream Puff shopkeeper seeing that Mash doesn't have a magic mark, Brad Coleman, a former member of theBureau of Magic 's Security Force, is called to deal with Mash. However, shortly after Brad arrives, Regro runs in and picks up Mash, carring him home.

When they arrive home, Regro shouts at Mash for not listening to him. Mash instantly regrets his actions, saying that it won't happen again. As punishment for going into the city, Regro makes Mash repeat that mornings training. Shortly after Mash leaves, Brad arrives, alongside Terry and a third unnamed police officer. After returning from his training, Mash overhears Brad through the door as he says that those without magic marks should never have been born. Brad says that sheltering those without a magic mark is a serious offense and tells Regro to hand Mash over to him, to which Regro refuses.

In a flashback, it is revealed that Regro adopted Mash when he found him abandoned on a bridge. Despite noticing that he didn't have a magic mark, he took him in anyway, as Regro was never good at magic himself, and would therefore be the same as Mash.

After remembering this, Regro shouts out to Mash, telling him to run. However, Mash instead bursts through the door, knocking out the unnamed policeman in the process. He then proceeds to rip Terry's uniform off of his body, something that he had also done on their previous meeting, and slap him in the face, numerous times. When Regro asks Mash why he didn't run away, Mash responds by saying "We're family. You're all I've got". After this, he declares that he will "send [Brad] to hell". Brad then draws his wand and casts the spell 'Nalcompas', which Terry says was used to drive off a dragon, however, Mash simply slaps it and knocks it into the floor. Brad then uses an even more powerful spell, 'Nalcompas Diagorus', but Mash slaps that away as well. After dealing with Brad's following attacks in various ways, Mash picks up Regro's wand and throws it at Brad, skimming past and cutting his cheek, saying "Threaten my family again, and I'll kill you". After seeing this, Brad proposes a deal to Mash, saying that if Mash does as Brad asks, he will let Mash and Regro go. He says that all Mash needs to do is enroll in a magic school and become the Divine Visionary of the year, the single student that is revered as one of God's chosen ones. In return for letting his lack of magic slide, Brad will recieve the money and prestige that come along with the Divine Visionary title. Despite Regro saying that the deal is absurd, Mash agrees to it, hoping to be able to live a peaceful life with Regro. 

Enrolling at Easton Magic Academy

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