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Finn Ames is a first-year student at Easton Magic Academy, and one of the main characters of the Mashle series.


Finn has an average build, with skinny legs. He has got black hair, with a yellow streak on the left side of his fringe. His magic mark appears on his right cheek, as a straight line from his eye to his jaw. While at Easton, he wears the standard Adler robe, but when away from school he often wears casual clothes, consisting of a shirt, waist coat and trousers.


Finn is the Straight Man to the other characters' strange antics. He is a coward who gets frightened very easily. He is extremely loyal to his friends and cares about them deeply. He goes to great lengths for the people he is close to. During the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc, Finn endured all of Carpaccio Luo-Yang's attacks so he could protect the crystal that would allow Mash to move forward with the exam. He is also shown to be shy and likes to live a trouble-free student life as shown in his earlier interactions with Mash.



Easton Enrollment Arc

During the Lock Opening Spell class, Mash causes a scene and Finn notes that Mash is a troublesome person he should avoid. Eventually, however, he learns that he's sharing the same room with him. Mash introduces himself and all of the individual muscles of his. When Mash asks Finn how one becomes a Divine Visionary, Finn discloses the Coin system to him leaving Mash crestfallen. After the conversation, Mash asks Finn for a spare broom for the flight class the following day as he brought a scrub brush instead. Perplexed as to why Mash did bring that, he still gives him his spare anyway though.

The following day, Finn witnesses Mash excel through the flight lesson by throwing his broom at an ultra-fast speed. He then rides on it, breaking a world record in the process. Afterward, Finn explains to Mash whom Lloyd Cavill is.

Magia Lupus Arc

Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc

Tri-Magic-Athalon Divine Visonary Final Exam Arc

Invasion of the Magic Capital Arc


Wand: Finn wields a simple wand.

Magic and Abilities

Changeas (チェンジズ, Chenjizu): Finn's personal magic. It swaps the positions of designated targets. If used with the right timing, it allows Finn to escape a battle. Kaldo Gehenna, a Divine Visionary, views Changeas as a very useful magic and sees potential in it. This magic can potentionally heal injuries, most likely by swapping one's health state with another's.

Nalcos (ナルコス, Narukosu): A basic magic spell. Shoots a magic bullet at a target.

Dangerousse (デンジャラス, Denjarasu): A faux spell, which Finn uses to distract his opponent, giving him the opportunity to flee.

Magic Power: As a single-liner, Finn possesses an average amount of magic power.



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