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Innocent Zero is the alias of the leader of the criminal organization of the same name and the primary antagonist of the series. He was once a pupil of Adam Jobs alongside Wahlberg.


Innocent Zero can freely alter his appearance through unknown means. His default form being a faceless humanoid. He can, if desired, change to his past self's appearance, which he did so during his battle with Wahlberg.


Innocent Zero is a very selfish person, as he believes everyone is born for his sake. He desires to "absorb" Mash to become "The Perfect Human Being". He also views himself to be "more human" than anyone else.


After Cell War returns from Easton Magic Academy, he tells Innocent Zero that he has found what was lost. Innocent Zero says that he can finally have his wish and asks Cell to retrieve it for him.

Abilities and Powers


Main article: Timez

Being a triple-liner, Innocent Zero possesses an immense amount of magic power and skill. Due to his true nature, his lines are not visible and only appear when he activates his wand’s true form or changes his appearance to make them visible. His personal magic is Timez (タイムズ, Taimuzu). A magic that allows him to manipulate time. He is able to stop time for those around him, allowing himself and targeted people to move freely. So far, only Wahlberg appears to be unaffected by it. In addition to his time-manipulating magic, Innocent Zero possesses the ability to alter his own appearance and to steal other's magic, such as Dark from Adam Jobs and Spaces from Wahlberg Baigan. His body, however, is unable to properly contain all of the magic power.



Innocent Zero summoning Chronos.

Innocent Zero wields a wand.

  • Summon: Chronos (時の神 (クロノス) , Kuronosu; Kanji meaning "God of Time"): As a triple-liner Innocent Zero possesses the ability to call upon upon a god's strength from within his wand. He calls forth the god of time. His wand grows in length, with the tip transforming into a clock surrounded by blades.
  • Summon: Uranus (天空の神 (ウラノス) , Uranosu; Kanji meaning "God of Sky"): Having stolen Wahlberg's personal magic, Innocent Zero got access to this summon. Innocent Zero calls forth the god of sky. His wand transforms and a mysterious orb surrounded by 4 nails, with one of the nails as his wand's tip, appears. Innocent Zero can individually control the nails to warp space from different directions at the same time.


Adam: Master/Teacher. Adam was a very powerful sorcerer. Wahlberg and Innocent Zero were his strongest pupils.

Wahlberg: Ex-friend/co-pupils of Adam. The only person capable of stopping Innocent zero is Wahlberg.

Mash Burnedead: One of Innocent Zero's children.

Dominia Blowelive: One of Innocent Zero's children.

4 Unnamed Children: Mash's relatives, raised as vessels for their hearts needed in a dark magic ritual. It was stated by Wahlberg that each one is equal in strength to himself or greater.