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Lévis Rosequartz is a Divine Visionary candidate from Walkis Magic Academy.



Lévis is a self-serving person, even claiming he would sacrifice his own family for is own success.



Wands: Uniquely, Lévis wields two different wands at the same time. His first wand is used to cast Magnets, whereas his second one is used to cast Lightning. While unconfirmed, it's likely that his second wand originally belonged to his twin brother.

Magic and Abilities

Lévis casting his Magnets.

Magnets (マグネッツ, Magunettsu): Lévis's personal magic allows him to summon and manipulate magnets of various shapes. It also grants him the ability to magnetize his targets.

  • Attract (アトラクト, Atorakuto): Lévis creates a magnetic force that pulls.
  • Repel: Lévis creates a magnetic force that pushes.
  • Magnets Ball (マグネッツ・ボール, Magunettsu Bōru): Lévis creates a spiked ball made of magnetic metals.
  • Magnets Ping-pong: Lévis infuses the surrounding walls with Repel, and creates a spiked ball that bounces around that walls.
  • Magnets Wall (マグネッツ・ウォール, Magunettsu Uōru): Lévis creates a wall with a magnetic pull.
  • Magnets Lightning Ball (マグネッツ・ライトニング・ボール. Magunettsu Raitoningu Bōru): Lévis can combine his Magnets with Lightning to conjure four magnets orbs that subject targets with a high-voltage shock when touched,
  • Magnets Lightning Secondth: Invariable Railgun (マグネッツ・ライトニング・セコンズ 「インヴァリアブル・レールガン」, Magunettsu Raitoningu Sekonzu 「In'vuariaburu Rērugan」): Lévis can combine his Magnets with Lightning to perform an even more powerful Secondth.

Lightning (ライトニング, Raitoningu): Uniquely, Lévis possesses this second personal magic, which allows him to generate and control electricity. He can combine this magic with Magnets.

Lévis's Confinement Box.

Confinement Box: If Lévis uses both of his wands, he can summon a black box to trap his targets in it. The box cannot be destroyed from the inside and requires two keys to open.

Immense Magic Power: As a triple-liner, Lévis possesses an immense amount of magic power. Despite his magic power, he was considered to be a failure by his own father.


Lévis summoning Adamas.

Adamas (磁カの神 (アダマス) ? Kanji meaning "God of Magnetism"): As a triple-liner Lévis possesses the ability to call upon a god's strength from within one of his wands. He calls forth the god of magnetism. The wand turns into iron sand, which Lévis can control telekinetically. Lévis' magic power increases immensely.

  • Armored-Murder Form (マーダデッドアーマー形態, Mādadeddo Āmā Keitai): Using his Summon's power, Lévis forms an armor made out of iron sand. The armor shifts its own magnetic pole to attract and repel his opponent at will.