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Lloyd Cavill is a first-year student at Easton Magic Academy.


Lloyd is a teenager with light hair the parts in the middle. He has a single magic mark that goes from his left eye down to his chin.


Lloyd is arrogant and cruel. He enjoys bullying others because he knows he will get away with it.


Throughout the first day of school, Lloyd observes Mash from afar and intervenes when one of his subordinates acts in an apprehensive way. Lloyd apologizes on his subordinate's behalf and tries to befriend Mash while introducing himself to him. On the other hand, Mash misinterprets the pronunciation of Lloyd's name-calling him, Roid Castle. Although unnerved by this, Lloyd keeps his cool, and when the teacher intervenes informs Mash that he wants to talk with him after school at that same spot.

Afterward, Finn explains to Mash that Lloyd is the son of a V.I.P. in the Bureau of Magic and is in good terms with vice principal. After school, Mash makes cream puffs in the school kitchen, completely forgetting this arrangement with Lloyd, making the bully absolutely livid.

Magic and Abilities

Unnamed Stitches Spell: Lloyd has a unnamed spell that allows him to create stitches.

Magic Power: As a single-liner, Lloyd possesses an average amount of magic power.


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