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Magia Lupus (七魔牙 (マギア•ルプス) Magia•Rupusu?) is a secret organization in the Easton Magic Academy that is lead by Abel Walker, the prefect for Lang Dorm.


The Magia Lupus is a small group of students at Easton Magic Academy. They focus on stealing Coins from members of the other dorms.


Abel Portrait.png
First Fang

Abyss Portrait.png
Second Fang

Wirth Madl Portrait.png
Third Fang

Fourth Fang Portrait.png
Fourth Fang

Love Portrait.png
Fifth Fang

Olore Portrait2.png
Andrew Olore
Sixth Fang

Seventh Portrait.png
Seventh Fang


  • Magia Lupus furigana reading is: ( (しち) Shichi?) meaning "Seven"; ( () Ma?) meaning "Demon", "Devil" or "Magic" and ( (きば) Kiba?) meaning "Fang". Seven Magic Fangs is the original name of the organization.
  • In the viz tranlastion, they used the term "Fang" when referring to the Magia Lupus members, but in the japanese they are called just by their number in the organization, although the fugirana reading of ( () Ma?) and ( (きば) Kiba?) means "Magic Fang". They used an usual mix translation.