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A Magic Mark is a symbol of someone's ability to use magic. Most people are born with one magic mark, however some are born with two. It is said that only one in everyone one hundred thousand people is born with two mark[1]. This additional mark grants the person more power. It is possible for an individual with one mark to awaken a second magic mark. It is also possible to awaken a third magic mark, however it is yet to be shown if people can be born with three. Those who have three marks are able to unleash more power than those who have two, as well as being able to awaken a wand's true form. This allows them to call upon a God's strength from with a wand. If someone is born without a mark, they will be 'expelled from the gene poll.'

It is possible to receive an artificial magic mark. This was said by Abyss Razor when talking about Abel Walker. He said that Abel was born with two magic marks, but was given an artificial third mark as part of a deal with Innocent Zero. It is currently unknown which member gave him the mark or how they did it. It is also unknown how much this mark affected his strength. Abel's fake mark is different to Mash's fake mark. Brad Coleman described Mash's mark as a scar that was indistinguishable from a magic mark, meaning that it did not increase Mash's power in any way.

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