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Margarette Macaron is the prefect for Orca Dorm. She is an antagonist of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.



Margarette is eccentric, yet a firm believer in "Might makes Right". She has a strange obsession with Tartar Sauce.


Abilities and Powers

Musical Talent

Margarette playing the piano.

Margarette is a highly talented pianist and maestro. She's supplementing her magic with her knowledge of music.


Main article: Sounds

Sounds surrounding a target.

As a double-liner, Margarette possesses an immense amount of magic power. Margarette's personal magic is Sounds (サウンズ, Saunzu). It creates music notes of various different properties, such as exploding or shielding ones. Margarette is also capable of unleashing a Secondth through her Sounds, which is called Death Gong (デスゴング, Desugongu). It's a giant bell capable of incapacitating anyone who hears it. In one minute, it will ring out, covering an area 2km wide. The only way of stopping the bell is to take Margarette's wand.

Miscellaneous Spells

  • Nalcos (ナルコス, Narukosu): A basic magic spell that Margarette uses to test her opponents. Shoots a magic bullet at a target. Margarette's bullets are much more powerful than those of average wizards. According to Mash, they are "as heavy as bowling balls".



Margarette wields her wand like a conductor's baton.




  • Tartar sauce is one of her favorite foods.
  • Margarette's gender was left ambiguous for a while after her debut, but she was confirmed to be female in Chapter 63.
    • This information could be inferred beforehand, since Margarette uses feminine pronouns (Watashi (わたし) and Atashi (あたし)) when referring to herself in Japanese.