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Mash Burnedead is the protagonist of the Mashle series and a first-year student at Easton Magic Academy.


Mash is of average height and has got a muscular build. He has black bowl-cut hair and a fake mark made by Brad Coleman. When at Easton, he wears the standard white shirt, black trousers, red tie, brown shoes and black cape. When away from school, he often wears white shorts, and black underarmor.


Mash is generally quiet and kind. However, if he sees someone hurting his family or friends, he gets incredibly angry.

He is also extremely innocent and obedient, making people abuse those qualities, but thanks to his strength he can twist almost every situation.

He is also very blunt and says things that would be rude to others, without a care in the world. He also firmly believes in his abilities so much so he downright told the headmaster he would knock the stuffing hell out of him with his fist.


He was abandoned when he was a child because he didn't have a mark, meaning that he is unable to use magic. Regro Burnedead found him and raised him like a father outside the big city, hiding Mash from society and teaching him auto-defense. They lived a peaceful life until one day Mash goes to the city and a policeman discovers him. After that event, Brad Coleman notices that Mash doesn't have a mark and goes to Mash's house to find him. Once there, Brad hurts Regro and after an intense fight with Mash, they accord that Mash will go to the magic school in order to maintain their peaceful life. Mash agrees and in that process, Mash set his goal to become the Divine Visionary.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Abilities

Main article: Muscles Magic

Mash's inhuman strength.

Mash was born without a mark, so he cannot cast spells, instead, he uses muscle-based techniques to compensate for his lack of magic power in a style called Muscles Magic (マスクルズ 魔法, Masukuruzu Mahō). Mash possesses an incredible amount of physical power. He's able to lift extremely heavy weights with immense speed in many different ways and block powerful magic spells by simply swiping his hand. He also has highly trained senses, and the ability to throw objects at high speed and power with excellent accuracy.

Mash stopping Abyss Razor's blade with his muscles.

In addition to his offensive power, Mash possesses incredible endurance, able to keep on fighting, despite his injuries. He is also capable of clenching his abdominal muscles to prevent potential blades in his body from being taken out.

Another feat of Mash's inhuman speed and muscle strength is the ability to "fly" by moving his legs fast enough to propell himself mid-air.



Mash wielding his wand.

Mash's "wand" is an extremely heavy rod. According to a wand shop owner, not in a thousand years has anyone with strength or Magic, been able to lift it. Mash is able to forcibly change the shape of his wand with his incredible strength.

So far, only one specific shape was shown:

Tennis Racket (テニスラケット, Tenisuraketto): Mash shapes his wand into a tennis racket. It's sturdy enough to withstand Mash's inhuman strength.


Regro Burnedead

Regro is Mash's adopted father. They care for each other like any father and son.


Easton Enrollment Arc

  • Mash Burnedead vs Brad Coleman [1]
  • Mash Burnedead vs Lance Crown.[2]

Forest Arc

  • Mash Burnedead and Dot Barret vs Silva.[3]

Magia Lupus Arc

  • Mash Burnedead vs Abel.[4]
  • Mash Burnedead and Lance Crown vs Olore and Seventh Fang.[5]
  • Mash Burnedead vs Abyss Razor. [6]
  • Mash Burnedead vs Rayne Ames. [7]
  • Mash Burnedead vs Abel. [8]
  • Mash Burnedead vs Cell War. [9]


  • In the official English translation, Mash’s surname was originally written as ‘Vandead’. However, it was later changed when series creator Hajime Komoto clarified that it was spelt ‘Burnedead’.
  • He loves cream puffs.
  • He has a name for almost all of his muscles. These names include Kevin, Mike, Tom, Kim, Yatada, Koji and Satomi.
  • The barbell that he uses weighs 4.6 tons.[10]


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