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Mash Burnedead vs Carpaccio Luo-Yang is a fight that occurs during the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


During Round Two of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam, Carpaccio runs into Finn Ames, recognizing him as the continuing student who barely made it through. He says that he feels disgusted at the sight of Finn, and that he should hand over his crystal, which he must protect in order to continue in the Exam. Finn refuses, knowing that Mash's future rides on the fate of this Exam, and as he and Mash are on the same team, he must protect the crystal no matter what. Finn tries his best to evade Carpaccio, but he is ultimately unable to, due to the nature of Carpaccio's magic, and the large gulf in skill between them. After knocking Finn to the floor, Carpaccio says that he will show him that his efforts a being wasted, and prepares to kill Finn, however before he can, Mash appears, grabbing Carpaccio by the head and slamming him into a wall.

After doing this, Mash notices that his forehead is bleeding. Confused, he asks what is happening. Carpaccio responds, saying that he is incapable of feeling pain as his magic, which appears in the form of a Goddess Statue, transfers any and all pain that he would feel onto his opponent. Additionally, all wounds are instantly healed by his Master Cane wand, allowing him to constantly stab himself, which he had previously done while chasing after Finn. He says that he has never felt pain in his entire life, and that he would like to feel it. He says that Mash is incapable of fulfilling his wish, and tries to end the fight then and there by slashing all the way across his own chest. This causes a wound to appear on Mash's body, but he continues to attack Carpaccio, only causing himself to feel more pain. He continues to do this, but to no avail. Carpaccio says that Finn is a disgrace, and Mash replies saying 'You may have a point'. He says that it is smart to quit if you're not good at something, but Finn was brave for facing an opponent much stronger than himself 'and no one laughs at my friend for that'. After saying this, he launches an onslaught of punches at Carpaccio, causing a crack to appear in his Goddess Statue. Continuing to punch Carpaccio, Mash finally manages to out speed his healing, allowing him to finally damage Carpaccio.

Carpaccio begins to laugh, thinking to himself that this is the first time that the Goddess Statue has ever been damaged, and that it will only get more defensive because of it. It gross to be larger, and starts to throw large syringes at Mash, but he is successful in dodging them. After seeing this, Carpaccio tries to hinder Mash by stabbing himself in the arms, legs and torso. This causes Mash to briefly stumble, but he manages to stay on his feet. He pulls out his iron wand and begins to bend it, sculpting it into a tennis racket. He then proceeds to fire projectiles at the cracks in the Goddess Statue, causing it to shatter into small pieces. After doing this, Mash says that he says that he will help Carpaccio to feel real pain, hitting him in the top of the head with the racket, causing him to fall to the floor.

After Mash defeats Carpaccio, Finn begins to apologize to Mash, however Mash interrupts him, saying 'Thank You'. Mash says that he is aware that he is clumsy and that he causes trouble for his friends, but it is because of Finn that he will be able to stay with them.

While on the floor, Carpaccio struggles to breathe properly, as he is not used to feeling pain. He thinks to himself that his entire body hurts, and will not stop bleeding. He questions if pain is always so awful, thinking back to all of the pain that he caused Finn, and how he put up with all of that pain for someone else's sake. As Mash helps Finn up and the pair begin to walk away, Carpaccio says 'The difference in our strength is obvious. I'm utterly outmatched.'



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