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Mash Burnedead vs Lloyd Cavill is a fight that occurs during the Easton Enrollment Arc.


Mash first catches Lloyd's attention during a lock and spell class. After watching Mash break the lock without using magic, Lloyd shows a sinister smirk. After Mash sets the world record for broom riding speed in class, one of Lloyd's underlings tries to start a fight with Mash, but Lloyd intervenes. Lloyd introduces himself to Mash, but Mash miss-hears him as saying 'Roid Castle', irritating Lloyd, and leading him to say that they should talk after school. After this, Finn tells Mash that Lloyd is the son of a VIP from the Bureau of Magic, and that if Mash were to do anything to him, he would be expelled. Later that day, Mash makes cream puffs in the Adler homeroom, saying that he might have forgotten something. Lloyd is furious at the fact that Mash didn't turn up to their 'meeting'.

The next day, Mash finds that his potions book has been damaged. After discovering this, Lloyd approaches him and says that he had waited for him yesterday and asks why he didn't turn up. Mash apologies and says that he was making cream puffs instead. After a brief pause, Lloyd says that he knows that Mash wants to become a Divine Visionary, and that if he does as Lloyd says, he could put a good word in for him. Mash agrees to the deal and asks why Lloyd would want to help him, to which he answers that Mash seems like fun and he loves to help people. Over the course of the day, Lloyd has Mash carry his books, wipe his shoes, give him a drink, massage him and entertain him. After this, Mash finds that another of his textbooks has been damaged and asks Finn if he can borrow his, but before Finn can answer, Mash says 'Thanks. You're a real pal.' Mash thanks Finn for allowing him to use his broom and gives him some cream puffs, saying that he's glad 'to have a great guy like you for a friend.'

After class, Lloyd purposely spills his drink and has Mash wipe it up, walking away to go to potions class. One of his friends says that he can't believe that Mash will do anything that Lloyd tells him to. Lloyd then commands Finn to burn Mash's robe next, however, Finn says that he can't. Lloyd attaches stings to Finn's body, forcing him to the floor, telling him to beg for forgiveness.

After finishing up in class, Mash tries to find Finn so that he can return his textbook to him. He finds him, along with Lloyd, who he asks what he is doing. Lloyd says that he is getting an apology as 'Finn got a bit ahead of himself.' Mash sees if Finn is okay, Finn says that he is fine and apologies for ruining Mash's textbooks. After hearing this, Lloyd says 'if only you'd apologize to me like that' and asks Mash if he would like to go to dinner with himself and the Vice-Principal. Saying 'You can leave that dirty lackey here.' He then goes on to say that this is a chance that Mash may never get again, 'especially if [he] keep[s] company with a sorry disappointment like him.' After hearing this, Mash garbs Lloyd by the hair and slams his head into the floor, knocking him unconscious. Mash says that Lloyd is the one that should be sorry, as everyone else is left in utter disbelief. Finn says that Mash will be expelled, to which Mash says 'Expelled? Big Deal. .... Actually, that seriously would be a big deal.'

Vice-Principal Farman Cregos appears and says that Lloyd's father entrusted him with his son, and that he saw the entire incident. He says that this was a violent attack on a student and that there will be a school conference held about Mash and Finn's role in the incident. Cregos says that Mash and Lloyd are of different class, and therefore will receive different treatment, but before he can finish what he is saying, Mash knees him in the face, saying that he didn't seem that open to reason. Cregos says that he can expel any student at the flick of the wand, but before he can do anything, Mash presses dirt into his face. He then picks Cregos up and puts him into a whole that he made in the floor and begins to bury him.

The next day, Mash is summoned before Wahlberg and he is told that his actions have caught the eye of the Bureau of Magic, who have requested that Mash is immediately expelled. He says that Mash has done something unforgivable, however a world where the caring are at a disadvantage is even more unforgivable. Wahlberg explains that he took the position of Head-Master because he is concerned with the current state of the world. He says that he cincerely hopes that Mash will become a Divine Visionary. He tells Mash to focus on becoming a Divine Visionary and that he will handle everything else. Before Mash leaves, Wahlberg notices his magic mark and says that 'there is one more problem that you will eventually have to face.'



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