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Mash Burnedead vs Margarette Macaron is a fight that occurs during the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


After the conclusion of Round Two of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam, Margarette tells Mash that she is excited for the next test, before the two head off into separate waiting rooms.

At the start of Round Three, which consists of one-on-one battles, it is revealed that the first match-up will be Mash vs Margarette. Before the fight starts, Margarette tells Mash that his only purpose in life is to provide her with the thrill that she seeks. To which Mash responds by saying 'That's a funny joke.' After this, Mash pulls out a cream puff, saying that he needs calories before he exorcises. Margarette also takes out a snack, consisting of a shrimp and some tartar sauce.

After they have both finished eating, Margarette pulls out her wand and begins the fight. He causes a large explosion to appear behind him, as a demonstration of his magical power. Mash begins to rush at Margaette, who, seeing this, casts the spell 'Nalcos'. Finn and Dot observe that 'Nalcos' is just basic magic and say that Mash should easily be able to handle it. However, when Mash tries to deflect it, he can't. Due to it's heaviness he is pushed back towards the wall. After the impact, which leaves a large crack in the wall, Mash is gone. He appears behind Margarette and uses the attack 'Spine Magic: Hell Fall', leaping into the air and slamming Margarette into the floor.

Dot, who is watching the fight from among the crowd, asks how it was possible for Mash to avoid Margarette's attack, and Finn says that he used 'Back Dashing'. He explains that Mash ran backward at a faster pace than the spell, allowing him to avoid the wall.

Margarette is shown to have been unphased by Mash's attack, as she used a music note to cushion his fall. She then fires off two attacks at Mash, but he is able to dodge them and close the distance between the two fighters. Margarette reacts quickly, pointing her wand at Mash's head, and saying 'You're attempting to guard something.' Mash reveals that he had been fighting while trying to protect the cream puff that was still hidden under his robes. Margarette says that they cannot fight properly while Mash is trying to protect something, telling him to set it aside. This causes Mash to say 'I didn't know you had a chivalrous side.' Now with all distractions gone, Margarette says 'Now lets enjoy ourselves, Mash Burnedead' to which Mash responds by saying 'Kay.'

Margarette tells Mash to show her what he is capable of and casts 'Sounds Fa', launching a cluster of musical notes to fly towards Mash. After seeing this, Mash attempts to punch the notes, however they pass right through his body, causing blood to come out of his ears. Margarette says that a punch will not be enough to topple one of her spells, however Mash does not hear this, due to the bleeding of his ears. Margarette says that Mash is poorly matched against her and casts 'Sounds Fa' again. Mash puts his arms up in an attempt to block the attack, however he is launched backwards by the force. Mash says that it is not possible to block the attack, as the pain comes from inside of his body.

Margarette says 'I should've expected that I'd be let down', saying that Mash is not 'the tartar sauce [she] was looking for.' She then casts 'Sounds: Surround Orchestra', and says that it is time for the finale. As she says this, the orchestra that appeared around Mash all fire off attacks at him. This causes a large amount of dust to erupt from Mash's location.

When the dust settles, Mash is no where to be seen. Suddenly, Margarette's is grabbed by the foot and pulled underground, leaving only her head visible. After this, Mash breaks through the ground, revealing that he had dug underground to counteract the sound's oscillation. Finn sees this, pointing out that Mash must have moved faster than the speed of sound to avoid the attack.

After dusting himself off, Mash uses 'Quadriceps Magic: Guillotine Kick' to kick Margarette in the face, causing her to break out of the ground and fly backwards. The commentator sees this and says 'He took out Macaron in one blow! What a champ, that Mash Burnedead!!' Mash then leaps on top of Margarette and begins to relentlessly punch her in the face.

Mash suddenly stops his barrage of attacks, as Margarette says 'This is what I sought. Now I'll show you what I'm capable of.' He then gets up onto his feet and casts 'Sounds: Metamorphosis', causing a massive amount of magic to erupt from Margarette's body.

Margarette casts 'Sound Metamophose', hunching over and beginning to scream, changing shape as she does so. A large cloud of black energy erupts from Margarette. Once it disappears, it reveals Margarette, however she is much smaller and has got medium length hair. She says 'Just look what you've made me become. You're quite... sinful.' She also says that she is not just younger, but now also has full access to her true magic power.

She demonstrates this by appearing next to Mash, snapping her fingers and blowing into his ear. This causes his entire body to tremble and knocks him to the floor. The crowd observes how Margarette managed to move instantaneously, and also assumes that Mash's weak-point is his ears.

Margarette explains that by releasing her magic power, it unleashes the spells that she can use. She then goes on to say, 'Which means, right now, I', however, Mash interrupts her before she can finish. He gets up and tries to punch Margarette, however she disappears. After a moment of confusion from the crowd, Margarette reveals that she is sitting above them, on the top of the Colosseum's wall. Finishing her sentence that Mash had interrupted, she says that she is 'sound itself', appearing in front of Mash and kicking him in the chest.

Mash questions if Margarette is also a 'muscle type', but she replies by saying 'of course not.' At incredible speed, she begins to circle around Mash. Margarette then begins to continuously attack Mash at incredible speed. Margarette then snaps her fingers, launching an attack at Mash. She then appears above him, only to find that he is gone. Kaldo Gehenna, who is also watching the fight, states that Mash made use of the properties of sound, as it travels faster through liquids than gases, and faster through solids than gases. By touching the wall, Mash was able to perceive the attack the moment before it occurred. He says that in order to pull this off, Mash would need 'otherworldly reflexes.'

Maragrette goes to snap her fingers again, however she finds that they are covered in tartar sauce, meaning she can't snap them properly. Mash then charges at Margarette and clotheslines her into the ground.

After getting up from Mash's attack, Margarette admits that Mash is a worthy opponent and uses 'Sounds Secondth: Death Gong', causing a large bell to appear above the two fighters. Mash questions what it is and Margarette tells him that it will incapacitate anyone who hears it, without exception. She says that in one minute, it will ring and covering a two kilometre area. She also says that there is only one way to stop it, and that is to steal her wand. She reminds Mash that she can still move at the speed of sound, challenging Mash to catch her within the minute, or he will lose.

Margarette says 'Let us begin' and starts to circle around Mash at incredible speed. Mash tries to grab her, but she is easily able to dodge. Mash repeatedly tries to catch herbut Margarette keeps on dodging and says 'It's useless! Just 30 seconds left.' She begins to count down as Mash keeps trying to catch her, until there are only ten seconds left, when Mash jams his fingers into the ground and rips it up, cornering Margarette.

He then rushes towards Margarette, who thinks to herself'my two choices are right or left.' Before she can decide which way to go, Mash dashes to the right. This causes Margarette to think that Mash guessed that he wouldn't be able to rely on his reflexes, so he guess which way Margarette would move and tried to catch her. After seeing this, Margarette begins to move to the left, when all of a sudden, Mash begins to move left as well.

Margarette thinks to herself that there is enough distance between the two for Mash not to be able to reach her. However, Mash stretches out as far as he possibly can, grabbing Margarette with just his pinky finger. After grabbing her, he slams her into the ground and grabs her wand, snapping it. This causes the 'Death Gong' to disappear, and the crowd to erupt in cheers, saying 'Mash is one step away from Visionary!' As she lies on the ground, Margarette laughs and says 'All that without magic. I'm smitten. I accept defeat.'

Immediately after the end of the fight, four members of Innocent Zero, who are all riding on the back of a dragon, break into the Colosseum. Father casts an unnamed time spell, freezing Mash and Margarette in place.



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