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Necross Mance is a member of Innocent Zero.


Necross wears a long robe, two necklaces with crosses on them and a necklace made of skulls. He has got no eye brows, circular eyes and shape teeth. He has got two magic marks, which appear underneath each of his eyes, running diagonally across his cheeks.



Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc

During the Exam, he flies on the back of a dragon alongside Innocent Zero, Cell War and the Unnamed Innocent Zero Member. After breaking into Easton Magic Academy, he engaged in battle with Wahlberg, but was easily defeated.

Magic and Abilities

Necross controlling Adam Jobs's revived body.

String Magic: Necross possesses a magic that allows him to control a human body like a puppet, using strings like a puppeteer. He is able to use the person's magic at will. During his battle with Wahlberg Baigan, Innocent Zero summoned Adam Jobs so that Necross can use him as he pleases. Necross' magic is very similar to Abel Walker's personal magic Marioness.

Great Magic Power: As a double-liner, the Necross possesses a great amount of magic power.




  • His name is a play on the word "Necromancy".