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Regro Burnedead is Mash's adoptive father.


He describes himself as a chich and elegant 75-year-old.


He is a calm and kind person. With the years he has acquired a number of healthy ways to combat stress but when Mash does something strange he usually gets mad.


Since he was a kid his family and people have told him that he is a failure because his magic abilities are not that great. One day he considered ending his life, but he found an abandoned baby. Because the infant was markless, he instantly related to the child, and decided to raise him like his son. That child was Mash and since that moment, he lived a peaceful life with Mash.

Abilities and Powers


As a single-liner, Regro possesses an average amount of magic power.


  • Unnamed Levitation Spell: He can use his magic to levitate objects.


Mash Burnedead: Adopted son


  • In the official English translation, Regro’s surname was originally written as ‘Vandead’. However, it was later changed when series creator Hajime Komoto said that it was spelt ‘Burnedead’.