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Renatus Revol is a Divine Visionary and a member of the Magical Cemetary Administration, a subdivision of the Bureau of Magic.



Renatus is loud, obnoxious, and a complainer.


Execution Arc

Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc

Tri-Magic-Athalon Divine Visonary Final Exam Arc

Invasion of the Magic Capital Arc


Wand: Renatus wields a wand in the shape of a human's finger.

Magic and Abilities

A hand summoned by Renatus through Undeath.

Undeath (アンデッツ, Andettsu): Renatus's personal magic. His magic allows him to summon and control giant undead body parts.

  • Undeath Sting (アンデッツ・スティング, Andettsu Sutingu): Renatus summons two giant undead claws and attacks his opponent with them.
  • Undeath Wall (アンデッツ・ウォール, Andettsu Uōru): Renatus summons two giant undead claws and protects himself with them.

Illusion Magic: In addition to his personal magic, Renatus also appears to be skilled with illusion-type magic, as seen in his and Agito's short fight with Domina.

Immortality: True to his epithet, Renatus is an immortal and cannot be killed by conventional means. He can reattach lost limbs and regenerate at an extreme speed. Renatus's regeneration has its limits, as he was unable to keep up with Doom's attack speed.

Immense Magic Power: Being a Divine Visionary and a triple-liner, Renatus possesses an immense amount of magic power and skill. His third line has yet to be revealed.


Renatus summoning Thanatos.

Thanatos (死の神 (タナトス) , Tanatosu; Kanji meaning "God of Death"): As a triple-liner Renatus possesses the ability to call upon a god's strength from within his wand. He calls forth the god of death. He pierces his wand into his body and transforms it into a skeletal scythe similar to Adam Job's Summon. By summoning Thanatos, Renatus's magic becomes much more powerful.

  • Undeath Thirds: Thanatos Inclination (アンデッツ・サーズ 「タナトス インクラネイション」, Andettsu Sāzu 「Tanatosu Inkuraneishon」): The Thirds of Renatus's Undeath. Renatus scratches his opponent with his bare hands before he activates his Thirds, this causes his opponent to lose blood, which he can transform into chains linked to his Thirds. Thanatos Inclination takes on the form of a giant, skeletal entity. According to Renatus, anyone linked with Thanatos Inclination does enter a blood pact with death. The full capabilities of his Thirds are unknown, as it was quickly destroyed by Doom in its first appearance.