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Ryoh Grantz is a Divine Visionary and the captain of the Magic Security Forces.


Ryoh has got two magic marks on his left cheek, both of which begin just underneath his eye. One of the marks curves down his cheek, while the other stops a couple of inches before his mouth. Underneath the right side of his mouth is home to a small mole. He has got long hair, which he ties back in a ponytail. He wears a long scarf, with a star pattern on it, around his neck. He also wears white shirt, dark colored waistcoat and dark trousers, with a large cape draped around his shoulders.


Unlike most members of the country, Ryoh has no problem with magicless people, as long as they impress him. He also has a big ego, and sees himself as a star to the point of narrating his own actions.



Execution Arc

Divine Visionary Selection Exam

Eclipse Arc


Wand: Ryoh wields an ornate-looking wand.

Magic and Abilities

Lights (ライツ, Raitsu): Ryoh's personal magic allows him to generate and manipulate powerful rays of light. With the light, Ryoh is capable of slicing through buildings and giants with ease. Impressively, this magic can counter and even cut through Dark, a magic that is normally stated to be unstoppable.

Immense Magic Power: Being a Divine Visionary and a triple-liner, Ryoh possesses an immense amount of magic power and skill. His third line has yet to be revealed. Ryoh is among the very few triple-liners, who have access to Thirds, the epitome of magic.

Enhanced Strength: Ryoh possesses a great amount of strength, enough to lift a large amount of rubble with a single arm. It's unknown if he achieves this through pure physical strength or magic.


Being a triple-liner and due to being capable of casting Thirds, it's confirmed, that Ryoh can summon a god within his wand. The name, appearance and abilities of his summoned god are currently unknown.