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Silva Iron is a second year student at Easton Magic Academy and the primary antagonist of the Forest Arc.


Silva is a slim man with short hair. He has two "L" shaped marks on his face, one under his right eye that runs down his face then towards the right ear, and the second mark under the left eye that runs down his face then towards the left ear. He has a curved, barbell, horizontal eyebrow piercing on top of his left eye.

Silva wears the usual Easton Magic Academy uniform which consists of a long-sleeved, button-up white shirt, a black robe, and a red tie along with black pants and brown shoes.


Silva is shown to be a very arrogant and sadistic person as shown when he challenged Dot to take 10 hits from him. After Mash saved him from being a puppet, he seems to have become more humble.


Silva was accepted into Easton Magic Academy and place into House Lang. During his first year there he managed to acquire two Gold Coins.


Forest Arc

Silva first appears is when he sneaks up on Mash during their Forest Scorpion Exercise to taunt him and to use magic against him to show his own superiority.[1]

Silva teams up with The Girl so they can user her Love Magic to make others who are attracted to her to fall under the spell and become one of their pawns. Their first target is Daut Barret. After making him believe that Silva is targeting the girl the two of them get into a fight that results in a challenge where Daut has to tank 10 of Silva's spells, resulting in Daut taking a lot of damage. Mash then proceeds to step in after Silva accidentally destroys his cream puff, with Mash taking down Silva in two punches, due to Mash using Ballista Knuckle. He then proceeds to take up Silva's challenge of 10 hits, telling him that he has 8 left to go.[2]

Before Mash could hit Silva for the third time, a High-Level Forest Scorpion appears, which Mash brushes of with a flick of his wrist destroying of all hope Silva had at defeating Mash. Mash then proceeds to call off the challenge, saying that he felt bad for Silva. [3]

Silva faints shortly after.

Abilities and Powers


As a double-liner, Silva possesses a great amount of magic power. So far Silva only displayed a single named spell, namely Iron Fist (ァイァン フィスト, Aian Fisuto). A spell that summons a chunk of iron from the ground to hit Silva's opponents. He also has a unnamed spell that shields him by covering himself in iron.


Magia Lupus

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