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Sophina Biblia is a Divine Visionary and a member of the Forbidden Magical Texts Administration, a subdivision of the Bureau of Magic.


Sophina is a young woman of average height with dark-colored hair and a flower ornament on her head.


Sophina is a calm and polite woman who dislikes vulgarity.


Execution Arc

Tri-Magic-Athalon Divine Visonary Final Exam Arc

Eclipse Arc


Wand: Sophina wields a unique wand shaped like a feather quill pen.

Book: Alongside her wand, Sophina possesses a magic book with incredible hardness. The book is sturdy enough to completely block Delisaster's personal magic, which is said to be so strong, that it can pierce anything.

Magic and Abilities

Sophina's personal magic.

Word Magic: Sophina's currently unnamed personal magic allows her to manipulate the words and actions of her targets. She does so by summoning various magic letters from her book while casting her spells.

Immense Magic Power: Being a Divine Visionary and a double-liner, Sophina possesses an immense amount of magic power and skill.

Immense Strength: Despite her delicate appearance, Sophina seems to possess an incredible amount of physical strength, enough to use her magic book to protect herself from a giant polearm. Like with most mages, this is most likely achieved through magic.