Almost everyone born in the magic realm of Mashle: Magic and Muscle have the ability to perform magic, shown through a scar of a black line, or lines, on their face, which varies in shape from user to user. Magic is so widespread that it has become integrated in all facets of life, believed to be a gift bestowed by god, magic is so revered as the power and skill of a magic user, will determine their standing in society[1].

The role of magic in the Magic Realm.jpg

A Magic Mark is a symbol of someone's ability to use magic. Most people are born with one magic mark, however some are born with two. It is said that only one in everyone one hundred thousand people is born with two mark. This additional mark grants the person more power. It is possible to awaken a third magic mark, however it is yet to be shown if people can be born with three. Those who have three marks are able to unleash more power than those who have two, as well as being able to awaken a wand's true form. This allows them to call upon a God's strength from with a wand. If someone is born without a mark, they will be 'expelled from the gene poll.'

Spells are the primary magical output of a magic user. There are some spells that can only be performed by members of a certain family called personal magic.

Spell Ranks Magic Marks quantity
First One-line
Secondth Two-lines
Thirds Three-lines

Besides spells, there are magical items such as, the bottle used by Lance Crown to seal away Mash's friends[2] , wands and their stronger counterpart, the Master Canes.

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