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Thirds (サーズ, Sāzu) is an highly advanced level of casting magic. It's considered to be the epitome of magic. Even among the few triple-liners, only a very are capable of commanding this ultra-high-level magic. The use of Thirds is rare even among the Divine Visionaries. Those who manifest it are sure to go down in history.

The power of Thirds is described as that of the gods and in order to activate it, a Summon is required.

Known Thirds

List of known Thirds
Uranus Inclination.png
Uranus Inclination
(ウラノス・インクラネイション, Uranosu Inkuraneishon)
Caster: Wahlberg Baigan
Personal Magic: Spaces
Poseidons Angus Inclination.png
Poseidon's Angus Inclination
(ポセイドン・アンガス・インクラネイション, Poseidon Angasu Inkuraneishon)
Caster: Domina Blowelive
Personal Magic: Waters
Thanatos Inclination.png
Thanatos Inclination
(タナトス・インクラネイション, Tanatosu Inkuraneishon)
Caster: Renatus Revol
Personal Magic: Undeath