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Tom Knowles is a second-year student at Easton Magic Academy.


Tom wears a semi-dark vest over a light-colored dress shirt and tie.


Tom is a hot-blooded person who enjoys sports. He is denser then Mash, and often compares people to bamboo.


Tom approaches Mash to join him and his Duelo team and not taking no for an answer. On the day of the Duelo game, Tom reprimands Mash for his flaccid and lackluster spirit in the game. He then goes onto explain the rules of the game. Once finished with the explanation, he sets off to partake in the game, but then another player crashes into him, causing him to crash into the ground. The player claims it wasn't on purpose and when questioned on his sense of sportsmanship, the player claims that winning is all that matters. Taking offense to those words, Tom proclaims that, "Winning is not what matters, it's whether or not you give it your all". So, taking Tom's words to heart, Mash using his "muscle magic" wins the Duelo game and is awarded a silver coin. After the game, Tom graciously thanks Mash and hugs him for winning the game. Mash notes that he doesn't get along with his type.

Abilities and Powers

  • Magic Power: As a Single-liner, Tom has an average amount of magic power.
  • Transeez: Tom can use Transeez, although he is only shown to use it to make bamboo.


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