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Wahlberg Baigan is the Headmaster of Easton Magic Academy.


Wahlberg has long gray hair, a beard, and eyes. He wears glasses, a dark-colored fez, and clothing.


Never afraid to use his power to reprimand others that are under his authority or that he's responsible for. Wahlberg is overall a calm and understanding individual.



Wahlberg in his prime

In the past he was a Divine Visionary. He was the only one who could stand against Innocent Zero. Wahlberg and Innocent Zero both learned from their master/teacher, Adam.

Easton Enrollment Arc

Upon seeing Mash complete the labyrinth trial with his muscle-bound ingenuity, he becomes rather fond of the young man.

Magia Lupus Arc

Execution Arc

Abilities and Powers

Physical Abilities

Wahlberg possesses an incredible amount of endurance, enough to remain conscious despite being fatally wounded.


Main article: Spaces

Wahlberg cutting space with Spaces Bout.

Being a triple-liner, Wahlberg possesses an immense amount of magic power and skill. His first line is always visible but the other two lines are hidden under the same eye and only appear when he activates his wand’s true form. Wahlberg's personal magic is Spaces. It allows him to control space itself. He can also transport people in a separate sky-like dimension with it.

Wahlberg casting an ancient spell.

In addition to his personal magic, Wahlberg can cast an ancient spell that targets opponents most cherished person and extracts their soul and instantly transfers it into a straw shaped doll. This spell seems to have a kind of monster that controls the knife. If the knife were to stab the doll the soul of the person shall never return leading to their death. Wahlberg is capable of nullifying the effects of time-halting magic. Wahlberg is also among the very few triple-liners, who have access to Thirds, the epitome of magic.



Wahlberg summoning Uranus.

Wahlberg wields a wand.

  • Summon: Uranus (天空の神 (ウラノス) , Uranosu; Kanji meaning "God of Sky"): As a triple-liner Wahlberg possesses the ability to call upon a god's strength from within his wand. He calls forth the god of sky. His wand grows in length and a mysterious orb surrounded by 4 nails, with one of the nails as his wand's tip, appears. Wahlberg can individually control the nails to warp space from different directions at the same time.


Adam:- Master/Teacher. Adam was a very powerful sorcerer. Wahlberg and Innocent zero are his strongest pupils

Innocent zero:- Ex-friend/co-pupils of Adam. The only person capable of stopping Innocent zero is Wahlberg


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